We aim to understand, create, and apply complex patterns in optically directional materials (i.e., inhomogeneous anisotropy) for consequential benefit to applications in telecommunications, displays, astronomy, remote sensing, and beyond. We employ liquid crystals, holography, diffraction, polarization, geometric phase, nanoscale lithography, thin-film-transistors, and multiple types of numerical simulation of lightwaves and systems.

Primary Research Areas:

Polarization Gratings

Polarization gratings (PGs) are anisotropic diffraction gratings that are highly efficient and polarization sensitive. Because they operate via a geometric (i.e., Pancharatnam-Berry phase) phase shift, instead of the conventional phase shift mechanism (i.e., optical path differences), they manifest several unique properties: up to ~100% single-order diffraction, orthogonally polarized first orders, and highly customizable spectral bandwidth within UV/VIS/NIR/MIR wavelengths. They can be configured as […]

Geometric Phase Holograms

Under construction.

Multi-Twist Retarders

Under construction.

Liquid Crystals & Photoalignment Polymers

Liquid Crystals (LC), Photo-Alignment Layer (PAL) or LPP Under construction.  

Modeling & Simulation

Under construction


Under construction.