Polarization Gratings


A polarization grating fabricated at NCSU.

Polarization gratings (PGs) are anisotropic diffraction gratings that are highly efficient and polarization sensitive. Because they operate via a geometric (i.e., Pancharatnam-Berry phase) phase shift, instead of the conventional phase shift mechanism (i.e., optical path differences), they manifest several unique properties: up to ~100% single-order diffraction, orthogonally polarized first orders, and highly customizable spectral bandwidth within UV/VIS/NIR/MIR wavelengths. They can be configured as either electrically-switchable or robust polymer thin-films.

After pioneering defect-free liquid crystal PGs in 2006, we continue to develop them for diverse applications and photonics systems, including those listed in other projects.

Primary Application Area: Diffractive Optics

Context Keywords: Polarization Gratings, Liquid Crystal, Diffraction

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