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    image Filename: lymphoma.ifs
    Format: 128x88x31 (ColxRowxFrame) 16bit IFS
    Measurement method: Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
    Purpose: medical analysis of a patient using PET
    Content: This patient has Hodgkin's lymphoma in the chest.
    The brain is dark because the brain is consuming glucose rapidly, as is the heart (look for a ring in the center of the chest as the image rotates).
    The large dark mass next to the heart is a tumor.
    This patient was completely cured by chemotherapy.

    image Filename: melan1.ifs
    Format: 174x277x3 (ColxRowxFrame) unsigned 8bit IFS
    Measurement method: Color scanner, image is from a dermatology textbook
    Purpose: teaching skin disease
    Content: Melanoma of the skin. This image has a color map in the tail.


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