Proto of PREAL Antenna Chamber

Welcome to Project REAL

Project REAL is a Remote Educational Antenna Laboratory that allows for "virtual hands-on" testing of antenna response patterns.

How does it work?

You, the student, can build an antenna and test it in our web-accessible testing lab.

Project REAL is designed for Electrical Engineering students around the world. Many courses on antennas involve virtual design and analysis of antenna designs, with little emphasis on building and testing.

Using Project REAL, you will:

  1. Construct, then ship your antenna to us;
  2. Schedule a time to perform your test;
  3. Test the antenna via the web, then;
  4. Retrieve, analyze, and share your results

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Research and Development Use

The chamber is also available for research and development on a per-fee basis. For details visit the NCSU Nanofabrication Facility.

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