Design Day

ECE Senior Design Day is held every semester on the campus of NC State University, showcasing this semesters’ many student projects.  The event is open to everybody.

Design Day Fall 2018








Date: Friday, December 7, 2018

Student Showcase: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Awards Ceremony: 3:15pm

Parking and location map

Location: McKimmon Conference & Training Center

Address:   1101 Gorman Street
Raleigh, NC 27606

Parking and location map

Proposed Project Showcase Floor Map

The course itself represents the culmination of the students’ engineering education as it calls on them to employ their engineering skills in designing solutions to real-world problems.

Dr. Rachana Gupta

Teaching Associate Professor; Associate Director, Electrical & Computer Engineering Design Center

Upcoming Fall 2018 Projects and Categories include:

ECE 485 - Project Demonstrations Listing
Category Sponsors 485 Projects
Environmental Technologies NCSU ECE Project 9-001: RV Solar Charger
Environmental Technologies Pentair Project 4-002: Low-Cost Remote Water Quality Testing Device
Environmental Technologies RIoT Project 6-002: Urban Water Monitoring
Environmental Technologies Hanesbrands, Inc. Project 4-001: Solar Powered Cooling Shirt
Environmental Technologies RIoT Project 5-001: Smart Water Bottle
Environmental Technologies Geological Sciences – UNC Project 3-002: High Precision Field Location for Geological Explorations
Industry Schneider Electric Project 8-001: Automated Robotic EMI Tester
Industry Navair Project 1-001: Air Crew Positioning Detection System
Industry Navair Project 2-001: In-Flight Blade Inspection System
Industry Device Solutions, Inc. Project 1-002: Cellio Bluetooth Transceiver
Industry Doggett Concrete Project 7-002: Wall Panel Inventory Management Program
Industry Dean’s Technology Solutions Project 8-002: Project Store Hound
Smart Living/Wellness RIoT Project 6-001: IoT Kids Playground – A Better Game of Tag
Smart Living/Wellness RIoT Project 7-001: IoT Kids Playground – Interactive Alphabet Game
Smart Living/Wellness NCSU ECE/EEP Project 9-002: Egg Hunt: Fool Proof Alarm Clock
Smart Living/Wellness NCSU ECE Project 3-001: The Babyminder System For Child Heatstroke Prevention
Smart Living/Wellness NCSU ECE Project 2-002: Garbage Bot : Two Wheel Can
Smart Living/Wellness Cisco Project 5-002: Recovery as a Service: Remote Physical Therapy IoT Platform

Past Design Day

Spring 2018 Design Day showcased 49 different ECE projects. Event pictures are posted here. A video recap from this and other previous Design Days can be seen below.

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