Sponsor a Senior Design Project

ECE Senior Design projects come from a number of sources: industry, faculty or NCSU research units, research centers, start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs. Supporters can leverage our skilled and highly motivated emerging engineers to:

  • Develop proof of concepts
  • Explore or adapt existing solutions on new technology
  • Free up company staff engineers for higher priority work
  • Create necessary tool for design, testing, monitoring, and manufacturing operations.

For more information on sponsoring a project, contact us.

Testimonials from some of our partners

  Tom Snyder Executive Director, NCRIoT
“Over several projects I am convinced there are few better programs than this ECE capstone. Incredibly low cost way to evaluate future talent, get many hours of real engineering effort towards a problem of interest and give back to the education system. Triple win.”
Shelly Mony-Chhem Project Estimator, Doggett Concrete “A team of electrical and computer engineering students developed a program to optimize wall panel use and layout and another team built a working robotic model to lift wall panels in place….With robotic assistance lifting heavy wall panels, we can guide and set panels in place with less wear-and-tear on our own crews.”