The Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory (BMIL) is a Fee-for-Service facility that focuses on biomedical device prototyping. The lab was founded in 1999 by Professor Troy Nagle.

The purpose of the BMIL are to support medical instrumentation research, development, and commercialization while providing students opportunities to assist research laboratories on campus and commercial entities across the Triangle Region. The Laboratory also seeks to foster ties with medical equipment companies across the State.


Circuit Design and Simulation

The Laboratory can design analog and digital circuits and validate these designs through simulation.

PCB Layout and Fabrication

The Laboratory provides several tools such as CirCAD and Surface Mount Devices.

Embedded Microprocessors

Software and other tools are available for work with embedded microprocessors such as PIC, TI, Arduino/LilyPad, Raspberry Pi, and Mbient Metawear

Machine Olfaction

The Laboratory operates a number of electronic olfaction instruments and an ion mobility spectrometer to sense mixtures of odorous volatile organic compounds.

Signal Processing

Programs such as MATLAB® and LabVIEW® are available for signal processing work.