Anti-Stuttering Theraputic Device


  • Affects approximately 2.5-3 million individuals in the US
  • Can range from mild and annoying to sever and debilitating
  • Different from other speech disorders in that individuals who stutter can become fluent.


  • Medically- expensive, potential side effects
    First Prototype
  • Therapy- variable success, periodic retraining is recommended
  • Auditory feedback-dramatic response for some patients, devices should not draw attention to user.

Our Prototype

  • Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF)
    -programmable delay, 0 to 150 ms
  • Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF)
    -programmable shift, -250 to 500 Hz
  • Any Combination of DAF and FAF

Prototype Electronics

  • Microphone interface
    -ac coupled, riding on 2.5v reference
  • Switched capacitor anti-aliasing filter
    -low-pass, 3.0 kHz
  • Mitsubishi M16C/62 5v
    -16 MHz clock, 14kHz sampling rate, 8 bits
  • Switched capacitor smoothing filter
  • Speaker attenuator/ diver
M16C Breadboard
Second Prototype
Functional Diagram

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