Integrated Bionic MicroSystems Laboratory

iBionics Lab

At the iBionics Lab, our vision is to introduce conceptually novel neural engineering methodologies to interface artificial systems with biological organisms towards the next generation bionic cyber-physical systems. Broadly, we perform research at the intersection of bioMEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-systems), microelectronics, biophysics, electrochemistry and robotics. Our research efforts focus on the development and use of implantable and wearable biomedical microsystems for various in vivo and in vitro applications at different biocomplexity levels. We are particularly interested in biophotonics based brain machine interfaces, physiological and behavioral sensing through body area networks, remote control of locomotion in insects, and neuro-electronic interfaces with developing tissues and organisms. We use the concept of “bionics” to contribute to the greater efforts of building a new cyber-physical, systems-based era where everything is connected through the Internet of Things.