Electronic Nose Instruments
The laboratory houses one lab bench enose, the NST 3200.  This unit has 22 gas sensors (MOX and ISFET types).  The laboratory also has a Cyranose 320 hand-held enose.  The Cyranose instrument uses an array of nanocomposite sensors.

Gas Sensor Testing
The MOL can help research groups test the performance, stability, and cross sensitivity of new gas sensor devices.  Below is an example test setup.

Humidity Generation
An Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG-4) is available for use with the OVG-4 units.  Humidity levels from 1% to >90% are possible at flow rates for 30 to 3000 mL/min.

Sensor Chamber Design and Fabrication
The MOL can assist in the design, fabrication, and testing of new sensor chambers.  Stainless steel, machined Teflon, and 3D printed chambers have been demonstrated in past projects.

Split Flow Box
The split flow box (a laboratory device from Owlstone with three mass flow controllers).  These MFCs are used to mix and dilute gas streams generated by the OVG-4 units.

Trace Gas Generation

Three Owlstone Vapor Generators (OVG-4) are available. The OVG-4 uses industry standard permeation tubes.  The tubes are held at a constant temperature (25 to 100 degrees) and clean dry or humidified air is passed over the heated tube at constant flow rates (50 to 500 ml/min).

Zero Air Generators (ZAGs)
Two ZAGs (ZAG-6, F-DGSi, Evry, France) are available.  Each generates six liters per minute of particle-free, moisture-free, odor-free air.