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Dr. Tania Paskova, NC State UniversityDr. Tania Paskova

Research Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Address:    2092 EBII, 890 Oval Drive
(Eng. Building II, Centennial Campus)
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27606
Email: tmpaskov@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919-513-3124
Fax : 919-515-5523


Dr Paskova is a distinguished scientist with over 25 years of combined experience in academia, industry and government agencies in multi-cultural environment.

Her expertise spans from semiconductor physics, material synthesis, advanced characterization of wide bandgap materials for electronic and photonic applications with particular focus on nitrides. Her most notable scientific accomplishments are related to development of bulk GaN substrates for homoepitaxial device growth through innovative nucleation platform; development of doping approaches of III-V materials and understanding the compensation mechanisms and electrical transport, leading to establishment of commercially relevant methods for production of semi-insulating materials; novel device structure design with nonpolar and semipolar alignment for photonic applications; as well as on establishing fundamental materials characteristics such as InN bandgap, phonon deformation potentials of InN and AlN, thermal conductivity of GaN AlGaN and Ga2O3.

She is editor and co-editor of two scientific books; author of 15 invited book chapters and reviews, and of more than 260 scientific papers in peer-review journals and conference proceedings. She has a strong record as a principal investigator on a number of projects granted by MDA, DARPA, AFRL, ARO and NSF. She is serving as Editor for the Journal of Crystal Growth and a member of several referee boards.

Dr Paskova has recently completed a 4-year tenure as a Program Director for Electronic and Photonic Materials (EPM) program with Division of Materials Research (DMR) at National Science Foundation (NSF) and is currently serving as a Program Manager for Electronic Sensing (ES) program in Army Research Office (ARO).