Our Products

Green City Testbed

It is an emulation testbed for future smart grids. It consists of renewable energy resources (wind turbines and solar cells) along with conventional generators and storage devices (batteries) that power the operation of a small city. The electric vehicles and houses in this city act as loads to the smart grid.


It is a space, indoors or outdoors, in which various sensors and actuators are distributed. The system obtains information from those sensors and uses it to control different actuators. ADAC have developed a scalable system to track different AGVs (actuators) by using distributed cameras (sensors). Different users are able to connect with the system in order to get information from it.

Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is the key element for the safe, reliable and efficient utilization of a battery in different applications. The BMS not only controls the operational conditions of the battery to prolong its life and guarantee its safety but also provides accurate estimation of the SOC and SOH for the energy management modules. ADAC’s BMS has the following features: real-time adaptive battery model parameters identification, Accurate real-time SOC co-estimation, Accurate real-time full capacity co-estimation, Application-based Remaining useful life (RUL) estimation.