The AEL has access to a number of advanced fabrication, measurement, and computing facilities including:
  • Agilent E5071C, 300 kHz to 20 GHz Vector Network Analyzer.
  • Tektronix AWG70002A arbitrary waveform generator with 8 GS/s sampling capability.
  • Tektronix DPO70404C digital oscilloscope with 4 GHz bandwidth.
  • mmWave measurement equipment, communications workstation for BER testing, and other advanced equipment in the MRC Electrical Characterization Facility.
  • On campus anechoic chamber for automated radiation pattern measurements (http://research.ece.ncsu.edu/preal/).
  • Commercial-grade Satimo 64 3D pattern measurement system at the nearby Wireless Research Center of North Carolina.
  • The latest EM and RF simulation tools including: HFSS, FEKO, CST, XFDTD, Wavenology EM. 
  • 3D Systems Cube 3 Printer
  • LPKF C60 printed circuit board (PCB) rapid prototyping machine