Shruti Srivastava

PhD topic: Modeling and analysis of directly modulated antenna systems

Vivek Bharambe

PhD topic: Reconfigurable fluidic antennas

Munirah Boufarsan

PhD topic: Millimeter wave antenna-in-package design

Danyang Huang

PhD topic: Switching transients and parasitic effects in direct antenna modulation transmitters

Yongduk Oh

PhD topic: EM Devices Using 3D Printed Ceramics

Joe Dusenbury

PhD topic:

  • Feng Xie (visiting from Tongji University)
  • Henry Lindbo
  • Dr. Kurt Schab (Current: Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University)
  • Dr. Binbin Yang (Current: Assistant Professor, NC A&T University)
  • Dr. Meng Wang (Current: Lecturer, Central South University, Changsha, China)
  • Thomas Williamson (Current: Georgia Tech Research Institute)
  • Jasmina Biswas (Current: RF2Antenna)
  • Bill Zhou (Current: Apple Inc)
  • Clifford Muchler (Current: Northrop Grumman)
  • Matthew Fisher (Current: Northrop Grumman)
  • Jameelia Cook (Current: Elster Group)
  • Thomas Wilkinson (Current: Naval Surface Warfare Center)
  • Su Li (Current: Elster Group)
  • Nishchala Kodandapani (Current: Analog Devices)
  • Adam Kimbrough (Current: NCSU student)
  • Luke Baker (Current: NCSU student)
  • Akshay Iyer (Current: Harris Corp)
  • William Stepp