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Dr. Bhattacharya’s research focuses on Power Electronics and Power Systems including Electric Vehicle Systems, and Electronic Energy Systems Packaging. In 2018, he was named the Duke Energy Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Bhattacharya mentored 23 Ph.D. thesis as a chair and 3 Ph.D. thesis as a co-chair. Also, he is currently mentoring 25 Ph.D. students and thesis as a chair. In addition the Ph.D. dissertations, he mentored 34 M.Sc. thesis as a chair and 6 as a co-chair. He is currently mentoring 4 M.Sc. thesis.

Dr. Bhattacharya’s Tutorial at ECCE Asia Conference in Korea

This tutorial outlined the applications of High power and Medium Voltage power converters in all industry sectors – HVDC, FACTS and power quality, MV motor drives (including high-speed machines with high fundamental frequency), MV DC grids, MV grid connected converters for renewables such as solar, wind, etc., MV converters for mining applications, MV converters for traction applications, MV converters for industrial applications such as steel mills, cement, and others; with present OEM solutions. The improvements required in efficiency, power density, specific power and volumetric density metrics are forcing the industry to re-evaluate present state of the art Silicon power devices based solutions in terms of the potential offered by recently developed HV SiC power devices for HV and high power (MW class) power converters. The opportunities for HV SiC devices for MV and high power converters and utility applications and the challenges to apply these HV SiC devices successfully will be presented in-depth with SiC device voltage ranges from 1200V to 1700V MOSFETs, and HV 10 kV – 15 kV MOSFETs, JBS diodes, and 15 kV SiC IGBTs. The potential and challenges of the HV 10-15 kV devices to enable MV power conversion systems, including MV motor drives, FACTS and MVDC grids will be explored with demonstrated application examples of SST (Solid State Transformer), MV SiC power converters for grid tied solar applications, MV motor drives, shipboard power supply applications and MV DC grids. The roadmap of HV SiC power devices in terms of cost targets, module packaging, reliability qualification and standards compliance of HV SiC devices will be addressed.   

Spotlight Q&A with Dr. Bhattacharya

With 280+ publications bearing his name, Dr. Subhashish Battacharya is a very busy NC State University ECE Faculty member and FREEDM Systems Center researcher. Since …