1: Typhoon HIL: Typhoon is one of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) devices that simulate all power electronic components in a real time manner. All parts of the DC microgrid is simulated inside Typhoon. We have two Typhoon T602 and 4 Typhoon T402 is our RTDS lab. Typhoon HIL software is used for simulating PE components.

2: DSP board: DSP controllers are Texas Instrument DSP board F28335. They are capable of processing any control algorithm and generate gating signals of IGBT legs of power converters. Code Composer is used to write the C codes and implement the control part on DSPs.

3: Microgrid interface board: This board let the communication between DSP boards and Typhoon HIL happen. It connects Analog Input/Outputs of Typhoon to the DSPs and routes the digital signals to the Typhoon.