Asynchronous Microgrid Power Conditioning System

Sanket Parashar

Funding Source: Power America

Objective: To delvelop Microgrid Power Conditioning System with Series Connected 10kV SiC MOSFETs

Summary: The project addresses a Medium-Voltage Asynchronous Micro-grid Power Conditioning system enabled by HV SiC devices to Asynchronously flow power from microgrids to the larger grid. The Asynchronous Microgrid Power Conditioning System is a modular MVAC (13.8kV AC) to MVAC (4,160 V AC and 13.8 kV AC) power conditioning systems blocks (PCSB) that can be used for grid interconnection of Megawatt-scale flow control microgrids (Asynchronous MVAC Microgrids), bi-directional power flow capablity and scalablity so that they can be used for a broad range of flow control microgrids of different scale (100 kW to multi MW) including microgrids which have net generation or net load flow at point of connection of larger grids. This modular approach is intended to result in higher-volume, lower-cost power electronics building blocks that service many applications at standard voltages: 4,160 V AC and 13.8 kV AC. This Microgrid PCS solution should enable multi-port integration of renewable energy sources to the main grid. The Microgrid PCS solution can be implemented with 3.3 kV to 10 kV SiC MOSFET modules. The modular converters will utilize high-voltage, high frequency (10 kHz) power electronics to reduce cost, size , footprint, volume and weight and to provide the bandwidth (voltage control BW = 300 Hz and current control BW = 1 kHz) needed for both the grid-facing and microgrid facing functions required by interconnection standards plus functions required for a wide range of generator, storage and load applications.

Impact: The research will revolutionize integration of renewables with the grid.