Lab Mission: Advance the comprehensive understanding of emergent properties in biomolecular pathways associated with plant growth, development, and adaptation using multiscale systems modeling

Specific Goals: Model biological process across scale; predict the impact of internal (genetic) and external (stress) perturbations; Advance technologies for translating research findings to field results

Potential Impact: Improve tolerance of crop plants to pathogens and abiotic stresses; Increase the efficiency of biofuel production from plant biomass; Address food security challenges

Long Term Research Goals: Advancing Technologies for Translating Lab Findings to Field Results

In-Situ Sensing of Organic and Inorganic Compounds

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Multi-Scale Modeling

UAVs and IOT for Advanced Crop Sensing

Heterogeneous Data Integration

High Throughput Phenotyping

Cyberinfrastructure / High Speed Computing

Many of the current problems facing the global community are complex and often transcend the scope of a single discipline. They often require integrative and collaborative approaches to identify and implement potential solutions. The EnBiSys Lab is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary research group that aims to tackle some of these challenges. We are based in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University and collaborate with researchers in fields such as plant and microbial biology, forestry, chemical engineering, and others. Our goal is to use theories and methodologies from traditional electrical engineering areas, such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Digital signal processing
  • Control theory
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Nonlinear systems analysis

to develop techniques for understanding and influencing biological systems.