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The EnBiSys lab is a a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary research laboratory, and while each individual has specific projects they focus on, there is overlap between the projects and input from everyone on all projects is encouraged. We seek passionate people who are willing to learn, participate and provide their expertise and insights into projects that are not their own. We have weekly lab meetings where projects are discussed and questions, comments, and ideas are expected. One on one meetings with the PI also occur on a regular basis.

Interested in Joining EnBiSys?

Undergraduate Positions:

Promoting undergraduate research is one of the EnBiSys lab traditions. We are looking for dedicated undergraduate students to join the lab for hands-on research experience. Focused research areas will include but not be limited to Machine Learning, Digital and Biological Signal and Data Processing, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Nonlinear Systems Analysis. Interested candidates should send their CVs, including prior experience and relevant coursework, to Dr. Williams at

Graduate Positions:

The EnBiSys Lab routinely seeks passionate graduate students. Interested graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Williams directly regarding questions on research projects and the EnBiSys Lab. Information regarding enrolling in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department can be found here.

Postdoctoral Positions: 

No openings at this time! Check back soon!