Ryan Grainger, PhD candidate (2020 – ), working on Grammar-guided interpretable representation learning
Thomas Paniagua, PhD candidate (2021 – ), working on universal ordered top-K adversarial attack and defense
Chinmay Savadikar, PhD candidate (2022 – ), working on resilient lifelong learning via learning to grow artificial hippocampi
Sina Baghbanijam, PhD candidate (2023 – ), working on Deep Consensus Learning for joint discriminative and generative modeling of structured data
Jingxia (Soraka) Jiang, incoming PhD candidate, (2024-),
Tianfu Wu
Tianfu (Matt) Wu, PI


  • Sameera Lanka, M.S. 2018, Now Research Engineer at Microsoft Research, Redmond
  • Hrishikesh Garud, M.S. 2019, Now Research Engineer at Samsung Research America
  • Arshita Gupta, M.S. 2019, Now Data Scientist at Infinia ML
  • Hardi Desai, M.S. 2019, Now Computer Vision Research Intern at Conduent Labs
  • Yiheng Yang, M.S. 2019, Now Research Engineer at Inspur USA Inc. 
  • Dr. Liang Dong, PhD 2019 (co-advised with Prof. Min Chi), Now Software Engineer at Google
  • Dr. Xilai Li, PhD 2020, Now Applied Scientist II at AWS
  • Dr. Sid Roheda, PhD 2020 (co-advised with Prof. Hamid Krim), Now Research Engineer at Samsung Research America
  • Dr. Wei Sun, PhD 2021, Now Research Scientist at Meta
  • Zekun Zhang, M.S. 2021
  • Kelvin Cheng, PhD candidate (co-advised with Prof. Christopher Healey during 2020-2022), worked on robust and self-supervised stereo matching
  • Yifan Wu, PhD candidate (during 2021), worked on learning adversarial attack and defense
  • Dr. Nan Xue, Visiting PhD student (2019-2021), Now Researcher at the Ant Group
  • Dr. Xianpeng Liu, PhD 2023, Now Machine Learning Engineer at TikTok
  • Dr. Jianghao Shen, PhD 2024