Compact real-time
birefringent imaging

Abstract: The design and experimental demonstration of a snapshot hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform (SHIFT) spectrometer is presented. The sensor, which is based on a multiple-image FTS (MFTS), offers significant advantages over previous implementations using Michelson interferometers. Specifically, its use of birefringent interferometry creates a vibration insensitive and ultra-compact (15x15x10 mm3) common-path interferometer while offering rapid reconstruction rates through the graphics processing unit. The SHIFT spectrometer’s theory and experimental prototype are described in detail. Included are reconstruction and spectral calibration procedures, followed by the spectrometer’s validation using measurements of gas-discharge lamps. Lastly, outdoor measurements demonstrate the sensor’s ability to resolve spectral signatures in typical outdoor lighting and environmental conditions.

M. W. Kudenov and E. L. Dereniak, “Compact real-time birefringent imaging spectrometer,” Opt. Express 20, 17973–17986 (2012).