Design and application of the SHIFT spectropolarimeter for fluorescence imaging

Abstract:  We present a novel and inexpensive Stokes imaging spectropolarimeter based on the Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging Fourier Transform (SHIFT) spectrometer. A rotating quarter wave plate and stationary linear polarizer placed in front of the SHIFT spectrometer enables us to reconstruct an object’s spectra and Stokes parameters in the visible spectrum. Measurements are stored in the form of four-dimensional (4D) Stokes datacubes containing the object’s spatial, spectral, and polarization information. We discuss calibration methods, review design considerations, and present preliminary results from proof-of-concept experiments.

V. C. Chan, M. Kudenov, C. Liang, P. Zhou, and E. Dereniak, “Design and application of the snapshot hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform (SHIFT) spectropolarimeter for fluorescence imaging,” in (2014), Vol. 8949, pp. 894903-894903–11.