Spatial heterodyne interferometry with polarization gratings

Abstract: The implementation of a polarization-based spatial heterodyne interferometer (SHI) is described. While a conventional SHI uses a Michelson interferometer and diffraction gratings, our SHI exploits mechanically robust Wollaston prisms and polarization gratings. A theoretical model for the polarization SHI is provided and validated with data from our proof of concept experiments. This device is expected to provide a compact monolithic sensor for subangstrom resolution spectroscopy in remote sensing, biomedical imaging, and machine vision applications.

M. W. Kudenov, M. N. Miskiewicz, M. J. Escuti, and E. L. Dereniak, “Spatial heterodyne interferometry with polarization gratings,” Opt. Lett. 37, 4413–4415 (2012).