Achromatic Wollaston prism beam splitter using polarization gratings

Abstract:  We describe a method to achromatize a Wollaston prism beam splitter by combining it with a polarization grating. The advantage of this technique, compared to refractive methods of correction, is that only one type of birefringent crystal is needed. Additionally, the assembly can be made thinner while remaining achromatized. In this Letter, a model for the achromatized grating prism is formulated. Experimental validation is conducted by achromatizing a calcite Wollaston prism (apex angle of 5.35°) using a polarization grating with a spatial period of 253 μm. We found that the primary dispersion was reduced by approximately 6.5 times for wavelengths spanning the conventional F, d, and C Fraunhofer lines (486 to 656 nm).

M. W. Kudenov, M. Miskiewicz, N. Sanders, and M. J. Escuti, “Achromatic Wollaston prism beam splitter using polarization gratings,” Opt. Lett., OL 41, 4461–4463 (2016).