Narrowband emission line imaging spectrometry using Savart plates

Abstract:  Polarization spatial heterodyne interferometry (PSHI) allows for the development of compact, vibration insensitive, high spectral resolution sensors. Introducing the imaging qualities of a lenslet array extends the advantages of PSHI to imaging interferometers. The use of Savart plates enables a birefringent interferometer that obtains higher spectral resolution with fewer optical aberrations when compared to alternative designs. In this paper, we describe the design, construction, calibration and validation of a narrowband emission line imaging spectrometer (NELIS), based on Savart plates and liquid crystal polarization gratings, along with its associated theoretical model. This sensor is advantageous for spectral imaging in the areas of remote sensing, biomedical imaging and machine vision.

B. Maione, L. Brickson, M. Kudenov, and M. Escuti, “Narrowband emission line imaging spectrometry using Savart plates,” in (2016), Vol. 9853, pp. 985309-985309–11.