Snapshot hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform spectropolarimeter

Abstract: The design and experimental results of a snapshot spatially heterodyned imaging Fourier transform (SHIFT) spectropolarimeter are presented. The sensor utilizes common-path interferometry, which lends improved compactness and ruggedness over free-space interferometric techniques. The polarization-dependency of the optical instrument can also be leveraged to obtain both spectral and polarimetric measurements. In this paper, calibration procedures and the SHIFT data processing algorithms are described. A data-reduction matrix is utilized to transform the measured per-pixel interferograms into corresponding Stokes parameters. Using this matrix, neural networks are trained to automate the transformation process from measurement to Stokes parameters. Finally, preliminary experimental results of the SHIFT’s ability to distinguish certain spectral signatures are demonstrated.

E. J. Youngs and M. W. Kudenov, “Snapshot hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform spectropolarimeter,” in (International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2017), Vol. 10407, p. 1040704.