Snapshot channeled imaging spectrometer using geometric phase holograms

Abstract: In this paper, we present the design and experimental demonstration of a snapshot imaging spectrometer based on channeled imaging spectrometry (CIS) and channeled imaging polarimetry (CIP). Using a geometric phase microlens array (GPMLA) with multiple focal lengths, the proposed spectrometer selects wavelength components within its designed operating waveband of 450–700 nm. Compared to other snapshot spectral imagers, its key components are especially suitable for roll-to-roll (R2R) rapid fabrication, which gives the spectrometer potential for low-cost mass production. The principles and proof-of-concept experimental system of the sensor are described in detail, followed by lab validation and outdoor measurement results which demonstrate the sensor’s ability to resolve spectral and spatial contents under both experimental and natural illumination conditions.

Yifan Wang, Michael J. Escuti, and Michael W. Kudenov, “Snapshot channeled imaging spectrometer using geometric phase holograms,” Opt. Express 27, 15444-15455 (2019).