Optical crosstalk and
off-axis modeling of an
intrinsic coincident polarimeter

Abstract: Polarimeters have broad applications in remote sensing, astronomy, and biomedical imaging to measure the emitted, reflected, or transmitted state of polarization. An intrinsic coincident (IC) full-Stokes polarimeter was previously demonstrated by our group, in a free space configuration, by using stain-aligned polymer-based organic photovoltaics. To minimize the model’s complexity, these were tilted to avoid crosstalk from back-reflections. We present a theoretical model of a monolithic IC polarimeter that considers the back-reflection’s influence for on-axis light. The model was validated using a monolithic four-detector polarimeter, which achieved an error of less than 3%. Additionally, an off-axis model was produced and validated for a simpler two detector polarimeter, demonstrating an error between the TM and TE polarized components of less than 3% for angles spanning an 18° incidence cone.

R. Yang, P. Sen, B. T. O’Connor, and M. W. Kudenov, “Optical crosstalk and off-axis modeling of an intrinsic coincident polarimeter,” Appl. Opt., AO 59(1), 156–164 (2020).