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Active Robotic Sensing (ARoS) Laboratory

The lab focuses on the development of tools for the fields of pattern recognition, estimation theory, and statistical and topological data analysis in order to solve problems in the areas of wearable health and environmental monitoring, robotics and computer vision.

Article on Wearable Sensing Published in Inventions Journal

The article “Activity-Aware Physiological Response Prediction using Wearable Sensors” authored by N. Lokare and B. Zhong and E. Lobaton has been published in the Inventions Journal, 2017.

Papers Accepted to IEEE SSCI 2017

The following papers with corresponding authors have been accepted to the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), 2017: B. Zhong, Q. Ge, B. Kanakiya, R. Mitra, T. Marchitto, E. Lobaton, “A Comparative Study of Image Classification Algorithms for...

Paper Accepted to IEEE Sensors 2017

The paper "Speed Estimation based on Gait Analysis for Biobotic Agents" authored by J. Cole, T. Agcayazi, T. Latif, A. Bozkurt and E. Lobaton has been accepted to the IEEE Sensors Conference, 2017.

In the News: From Transformers to Autonomous Systems

Article written by Dr. Lobaton as a contribution to the "Research Matters" series at NCSU.

Paper Accepted to EUSIPCO

The paper "Robust Trajectory-based Density Estimation for Geometric Structure Recovery" authored by Turner Richmond and Namita Lokare and Dr. Lobaton has been accepted to the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 2017.