The Mission of HECTOR LAB is to develop systems that prevent advanced cybersecurity threats targeting hardware vulnerabilities.

Hector Lab’s mission is to develop secure systems bottom up starting from the hardware. Trusted computing in hardware is indeed fundamental to all information security practices. Advanced cyber-threats therefore have an ever-increasing focus on hardware layer vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are universal and are difficult to address purely from the higher abstraction layers in the computing stack. Secure solutions thus need a secure hardware base to anchor the trust and then to establish secured applications on top of it.

To that end, our research focuses on all security issues related to hardware and to interfacing hardware with higher level micro-architectures, firmware, software, and protocols. We work on implementation attacks, reverse engineering, secure identity generation, and the realization of next-generation cryptographic systems. We also study extending established hardware security concepts beyond cryptography. Our long term focus is on automation and design tools for security.

Positions available: I am always looking for talented PhD students. Please find the detailed description here.


Innovation is a team sport. That’s why we reach out to partners across the public and private sectors in our search for global solutions. We’re working with the National Science Foundation, and we’re collaborating with Georgia Tech and University of Illinois.



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