Principal Investigator

Dr. Aydin Aysu

I tackle hardware security problems from all abstraction levels.

Post-Doc Members

Dr. Seetal Potluri

I am interested in Intellectual Property (IP) protection at all levels of abstraction.

PhD Candidate Members

Anuj Dubey

I primarily work on evaluating the physical side-channel vulnerabilities in embedded platforms (FPGA/ASIC/microcontroller) processing sensitive data and constructing robust countermeasures against them using cryptography.

Furkan Aydin

My research interests include side-channel attacks and countermeasures for post-quantum and homomorphic encryption cryptosystems.

Emre Karabulut

I am interested in designing accelerators for next-generation cryptosystems.

Ferhat Yaman

I am interested in the side-channel analysis of machine learning accelarators, homomorphic encryption, and lattice-based post-quantum cryptography.

Arsalan Malik

I am keen towards side channel attacks and creating defences for FPGAs used in standalone/shared (cloud) environment using cryptographic techniques.

Digvijay Anand

I am currently working on secure ML accelerator design.

Ashley Kurian

I am currently working on physical side channel attacks targeting the extraction of hyperparameters and parameters of neural networks.

Undergraduate Members

– Wesley Cowand

– Bryan Wilson


– Gregor Haas (MS, 2021)

– Yitong Zhou (Summer 2020)

– Ahmet Can Mert (Summer 2019)

– Qinhan Tan (Summer 2019)

– Ketan Vaidya (MS, 2019)

– Ashely Calhoun (Undergraduate)

– Eric Ortega (Undergraduate)

– Julianna Eckard (Undergraduate)

– Michael Ibato (Undergraduate)

– Selena Jimenez (Undergraduate)

– Akash Kothari (Undergraduate)

– Berra Kara (Undergraduate)

– Devin Whitmore (Undergraduate)

– Sara Thornton (Undergraduate)

– Timothy Boushell (Undergraduate)

– Zainab Alqatari (Undergraduate)