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Fundamental problems in science and engineering have become increasingly interdisciplinary, requiring knowledge and expert input from several areas of research. This is both challenging and exciting. The primary challenge faced by researchers is to keep abreast of new developments in tangential research areas to their own, not to mention those which are considered different. The increasing complexity of newly arising problems has on the other hand, invariably required a multifaceted approach to viewing and understanding them, and ultimately produce a solution.

To that end, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosts a regularly scheduled seminar series with preeminent and leading reseachers in the US and the world, to help promote North Carolina as a center of innovation and knowledge and to ensure safeguarding its place of leading research.

The Interdisciplinary Distinguished Speaker Series is funded through a grant provided by the US Army Research Office.

All talks are scheduled to take place at 1 pm in Room 1230 at Engineering Building II (unless noted otherwise), on NC State’s award-winning Centennial Campus. Each talk will be free and open to the public.