Yuming Huang

My researches include network science and computational neuroscience. For network science, I studied community structure for social networks, and also developed a belief propagation algorithm for multi-layer community detection with fusion. My current project focuses on computational neuroscience, where we try to model a population of neurons as a network, using a nonlinear dynamical model. We aim to predict neural response measured by fluorescence microscope, and reveal mechanisms of visual cortex area of the mouse.


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  • Yuming Huang, Ashkan Panahi, Han Wang, Bo Jiang, Hamid Krim, Yiyi Yu, Spencer L. Smith, & Liyi Dai (2018) Model-free inference of neuronal connectivity via embedding dimensionality. ICMNS 2018 (International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience)

  • Yuming Huang, Ashkan Panahi, Hamid Krim, & Liyi Dai (2018) Community detection and improved detectability in multiplex networks. Submitted to Physical Review E.

  • Yuming Huang, & Han Wang (2016). Consensus and Multiplex Approach for Community Detection in Attributed NetworksGlobalSIP 2016. [PDF]

  • Yuming Huang, & Karen Daniels (2016). Friction and Pressure-Dependence of Force Chain Communities in Granular MaterialsGranular Matter, 18: 85.