Shahin Aghdam


My current research interests include Dimension reduction, Machine learning, and topological data analysis in information networks. Currently I am interested on machine learning, and network science. More specifically I am working on dimension reduction techniques on smooth manifolds which have topological constraints. I am also working on data networks and we are interested to understand the flow of information in complex networks. more

Yuming Huang

My researches include network science and computational neuroscience. For network science, I studied community structure for social networks, and also developed a belief propagation algorithm for multi-layer community detection with fusion. My current project focuses on computational neuroscience, where we try to model a population of neurons as a network, using a nonlinear dynamical model. We aim to predict neural response measured by fluorescence microscope, and reveal mechanisms of visual cortex area of the mouse. more

Wen Tang

I am currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA. My research focuses on machine learning and its applications for computer vision. More specifically, I m working on developing analysis dictionary learning and Zero-shot Learning methods for image classification problems. more

Sally Ghanem

I am a PhD student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at North Carolina State University.  During my masters, I worked on a novel classification framework based on non-parametric statistical metrics. Currently, I am working on developing a novel multi-modal sensor fusion technique based on Robust Subspace Recovery (RoSuRe). more

Siddharth Roheda

I am currently a PhD student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at North Carolina State University. My current research focuses on detection and classification of targets using sensors like radars and telescopic imaging, and developing robust sensor fusion algorithms at the decision level. more

Kenneth Tran

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, focused on analyzing satellite imagery using deep learning. I am interested in handling the challenges that result from the trade-offs in the spatial, temporal, and spectral domains of different satellites by using fusion techniques. more

Bo Jiang

Signals in the brain depend on not only the stimulus, but also the structures of the connectivity between neurons or regions, therefore it is important to give an estimation on the structures that signals rely on. Based on this idea, we think signal structures depend on the previous signals, stimulus and previous structures, and this comes with an idea, “Dynamic graph learning”, which gives an dynamic estimation on the structure of signals. more

Tanmay Asthana

Since 2017 I have been a PhD student at North Carolina State University. My current interests include pattern recognition, computer vision and machine learning. I am working on characterizing 3D shapes mathematically and apply deep learning algorithms on features extracted in this way for shape classification. more