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Computer Vision and Machine Learning

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Applied Topology

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  • Harish Chintakunta and Hamid Krim, “Distributed localization of coverage holes using Topological Persistence”, submitted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 2013. Preprint
  • Harish Chintakunta and Hamid Krim, “Distributed shape analysis using alpha and Delaunay-Cech shapes”, submitted for publication in special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics. 2013. Preprint
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  • Saba Emrani, Thanos Gentimis, and Hamid Krim, “Persistent Homology of Delay Embeddings”, to be submitted. Preprint
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  • Adam C. Wilkerson, Harish Chintakunta, Hamid Krim, Terrence J. Moore, and Ananthram Swami, “A Distributed Collapse of a Network’s Dimensionality”, Global Conference on Signal and Image Processing (GlobalSIP) 2013. GlobalSIP pdf


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  • Thanos Gentimis, “Asymptotic dimension of finitely presented groups”, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 136(2008), no 12, 4103-4410, 20F69(20F65) Preprint
  •  Thanos Gentimis, “On Limit Aperiodic G-Sets”, Under review by Revista Matematica Complutence Preprint
  • Alexander Dranishnikov and Thanos Gentimis, On cohomology of the Higson compactification of hyperbolic spaces, Submitted to Topology and Applications Preprint