Harish Chintakunta

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I received my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in May 2006 with a focus on Communication systems, computer networks, solid state electronics, circuit design, and object oriented programming. I then moved to North Carolina State University, where I received my Master’s in Electrical Engineering in May 2008 with a concentration on communication systems, information theory, and estimation and detection theory. Finally, I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering from NCSU in May 2013. My dissertation is titled Topological analysis in sensor networks: Applications of algebraic topology and discrete geometry.

My research so far focused mostly on fidelity of deployment and operation in sensor networks. The motivation for the research stems from the observation that problems in this field can be posed purely in topological terms. Sensor networks also pose unique technical challenges due to limited resources available, and due to the need for distributed algorithms. My work has been to develop appropriate mathematical and computational tools to perform the required tasks efficiently, distributively, and with minimal information.

My long term research goals include introducing new mathematical tools and their applications to the engineering community, and to foster inter-disciplinary projects.


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